This blog started as a way to document (mainly for myself) things I learned. I listen to podcasts during my commute. It is a great way to make the (long?) commute enjoyable.

But the problem was that I could not take quick notes while driving. So I made a point to jot down whatever I could as soon as I reach the destination. At first I noted it down into evernote, and then formatted it for this blog.

But after a while, I got busy and didn't get time to prettify my notes.

Then after few months, I came across Sacha Chua's Blog where she talks about :

So once again I have decided to blog more often without spending too much time beautifying the post (and focusing more on contents)

Recently, I came across this post which talks about "lowering the psychological barrier to writing, by focusing on short, simple, technical posts, rather then essays"

It resonates with my thoughts ;)

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