(ya)snippet for header in org-mode blog post

I don't know how much sense does the title make. But I didn't know how else to express, plus (I) didn't want to wait to figure out the title As mentioned earlier, I am using nikola for this blog, and posts are in org-mode as much as possible. For every post in nikola, I need to add meta data information like title, slug, date etc. Initially I created first one by hand, and copy pasted from older posts.

Inline Code block in ReST

TL;DR: use something like this: :code:`some text` I have been using org-mode for my blog posts lately. It provides all the mark-up I need. Some days ago, I needed to cross-link to one of my posts. nikola (the python based static site generator used to power this blog) has a option just for that. (Refer to this) I tried to be smart, and used equivalent org notation, but it didn't work.

writegood mode for emacs

Today I came across writegood-mode for emacs, on one of the reddit thread. I am not a writer, at least not in “writer of the prose” sense, nor is English my native language, so I thought it would help me improve my English/writing skills. Installing it in spacemacs was as easy as adding writegood-mode in dotspacemacs-additional-packages and running SPC f e R In order to test it, I used it on one of my older prose blog post.

Mutation Tracking in SQLAlchemy

Mutation means change. Mutation Tracking means ability to detect the change. The term seemed very complex (to me) at first. But it isn't. SQLAlchemy ORM depends on the ability to detect the change in the object so that it can commit it to the DB on session.commit() It is important to understand that if the change is not detected, calling session.commit() won't help. (I think) It internally checks to see if anything is changed.

Emacs for Writers : Part 2

Refer to Part 1 here Here are various other tricks Jay talks about, in his presentation. org-bullets Makes pretty bullets in org-mode. spacemacs already comes with this package. No additional work needed. Off course, you can customize the bullets to your liking, but I am pretty happy with the defaults. notmuch for emails Jay doesn't show notmuch but makes a comment about it. I looked at it, but I think my use case is bit different.